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GUSTAVO GOULART - Art Career & Social Medias


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Gustavo Goulart (born September 26, 1989) is an Award-Winning Brazilian Actor & Singer, who also works as a Creator, Director, Playwright, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Guitarist, Composer, Editor, and Producer, with relevant success in all of these careers.

In 2009, he became the youngest Brazilian Director and Producer for both Film and Television in the whole history, according to SATED, the Brazilian Artists Guild. From that moment on, he's been licensed by the official Brazilian institutions and organizations responsible for these kinds of professionalization, such as SATED (the Brazilian Artists Guild) and MTE (the Brazilian Labour Department). He's able to work worldwide, because of a partnership between SATED and FIA, the International Federation of Actors. However, he's been working as Director and Producer ever since the 90's in the professional Film and TV industry, even before he got his license from the brazilian guild. SATED requires a minimum age of 16 for the artist to be eligible. Gustavo started much before that age.

The management of multiple careers is usually a tough task, but not for Gustavo Goulart. He has done it ever since he was a kid, so he is totally used to it. Today, Gustavo is a highlight in some Film Festivals and Theater Festivals. It ain't hard to find his name linked to some noble references such as Wagner Moura, Débora Nascimento, Jonathan Haagensen, Giovanna Antonelli, and many other important Actors from Brazil.

Influences and Style

Gustavo Goulart isn't a typical brazilian Actor, Director, or Writer. He tends to prefer series instead of telenovelas. He likes to produce fiction as they do in the USA and some other countries in the world. He writes Drama, Comedy, and other genres, but prefers Drama. He works with Film and TV, always bringing "cinema style" to his TV Series.

His influences are very eclectic. He watches horror movies, dramas, comedies, parodies, thrillers, and many other genres. He usually opts to watch recent films, because he's always studying the new technologies. However, he knows the importance of the classics and cult movies. On Television, his favorite show ever is "Nip/Tuck". He considers "Nip/Tuck" as the closest to the perfect fictional creation. Though he also watches "Bones", "Scream", "How I Met Your Mother", and many other TV Series.

General Information

Gustavo is the youngest artist to write, direct and produce theater plays for Satyrianas and Festival de Curitiba, simply the most important theater festivals in Latin America. Since a long time ago, Gustavo has also been a Musician, specializing in vocals, guitar, lyrics and musical arrangements. Looking from the start, Gustavo Goulart has been an Artist since the early 1993, when he was 3 years old. Back then, he did create an original comics series about a superhero called "Herói do G" (English Title: "G's Hero"). He did sign with an indie publisher to release these comics, so he has been its Designer and Writer for many years of his childhood. During its first season as a Comics Series, "Herói do G" became a TV Series that lasted until 2001 (eight seasons), broadcasted by the Brazilian nationwide television channel "CNT" (Central Nacional de Televisão).

Please check Gustavo's IMDb Page, his Wikipedia Article, and visit GoulartMedia™, to get further information about him, although these data aren't entirely accurate and/or updated.

More Jobs

Gustavo has also written and directed many kinds of TV pilots and commercials with his film company, called GoulartMedia™ Corporation (aforementioned).

Highlight on Theater

In 2008, Gustavo Goulart started to be a member of the permanent invitee list for Satyrianas, the event previously mentioned in this page. This list gathers the 50 most valued Directors and Writers from São Paulo, the #1 city for Performing Arts in Brazil. Gustavo was the youngest director and writer to join this special list, which has artists such as the actor Gero Camilo (from the American Film "Man On Fire"), the writer Lauro César Muniz (very important Creator of Soap Operas), among other awesome figures.


— His IQ scores above 180, and he's always been autodidact (self-taught).
— In Brazil, he worked at TV Globo, the 2nd major TV Company in the world.
— His movie "My Family" (Brazil: "Minha Família") is inspired by Dogme 95.
— From 2004 to 2008, he wrote and arranged more than 30 original songs.
— He has screenplays and theater plays still waiting to be released.
— In 2001, he got 2nd place in the Brazilian Mathematical Marathon.
— Almost all of his careers did start thanks to his autodidact ability.
— His Blog (this one) has nearly 50 Million visitors from over 100 countries.

Basic Description

Height: 6 feet 1⅝ inch (1,87m)
Weight: 163 pounds (74 kg)
Hair Color: dark blond
Eyes Color: light brown (hazel)

Musical Skills

Vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica, piano, and dance.

Other Abilities

Karate, judo, soccer, basketball, and ease at doing accents from countries and regions.

Spoken Languages

— English
— Portuguese
— Spanish
— Italian